“I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven…”

Keys of the Kingdom? What? Many of us struggle to understand what this phrase even means. We look for physical keys that unlock actual doors. Christ alludes to why this methodology will never work when He states “through hearing, they may not understand.” Of course there’s a metaphysical aspect to Luke 8:10 but how many of us genuinely seek that level of understanding?

In the not so distant past my spiritual director, an Anglican Priest, thought it was funny to tell me to meditate on a threshold in my mind. She offered no explanation as to why. Just meditate on the threshold. Well, now that I’m on the other side of that spiritual practice it makes a lot more sense.

In fact, one of the blessed Rabbis of Olde explains it in a really lovely way:

“One who reaches the highest level cannot reveal it to anyone. All he can do is give over the keys, so that the enlightened individual can open the gates which are sealed to exclude the unworthy.”

-Abraham Abulafia

At first glance Abulafias words seem enigmatic at best or pretentious and snobbish at worst. One can easily take offense and say Kabbalists hid their secrets out of spite and didn’t want outsiders to wield their wisdom. While it is true that many of us fear sharing certain mysteries because of possible abuses there’s a bit more to it than that.

Put simply, a great deal of mysticism just doesn’t translate into words. So much of what we experience cannot be described to people who haven’t encountered the spiritual. We’re left laying intellectual foundations and simple meditative practices at the feet of initiates oftentimes completely unable to even tell them why it’s important. Why? Because even attempting to explain what the end result will be leaves the intellect too much wiggle room to create preconceived notions that may cloud the outcome.

At the end of the day we are talking about the occult, the hidden, the world beyond forms. It is a personal journey where the very best we can hope for is guideposts along the way. Every ardent meditator, regardless of the path, has been given vague directions by their teachers at some point or another. This is not done to irritate us or because we are unworthy of lasting inner peace. It’s simply a part of the process of growing and evolving from one state of consciousness to the next.

So, if you find yourself facing a daunting meditative practice or a spiritual discipline that makes absolutely no sense at the moment just chill. Trust the process. Push through at your own pace and simply enjoy the journey. We’ve almost all came back across a concept we were introduced to in our past that jumps out at us with clarity later. The spiritual eureka moments are real.

When words fail the silence always answers. All we have to do is step into it.

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