So, I’ve done time before. A couple of years spent in a maximum security prison has acclimated me for government quarantine. My fellow citizens of Earth? Not so much. As the accounts of rising suicide rates start pouring in for the first time in my life I’m actually glad to be an ex-con. Sure there’s a certain level of anxiety at being in close proximity with the family at ALL hours of the day but I’m far from any possible breaking point.

We humans are, by nature, very social creatures who need interaction and affection. That is a basic human need.

Picture this: You’re one of those people who has no living relatives whose entire social network was based upon work or some sort of support group. Now, as many global governments have started doing, you are being told to stay indoors. You feel as if you’re all alone because, in some ways, you are all alone.

What do you do?

How does your mind handle the situation?

Do you cave?

Do you reach out for help?

Does prayer to a God you don’t believe in become a viable option?

Now, I’ve done plenty of posts on being a good neighbor and loving each other through the drama that’s unfolded but sometimes I forget things. Sometimes I overlook those who are in need of us the most. What of those people who have slid through the cracks in our minds? The same ones who are at risk of suicide around the holidays. We all know of at least one person who doesn’t have anyone to comfort them or be comforted for that matter.

Sure we can’t invite them over but we have phones. We have laptops and tablets, apps to brighten their screens with our faces. It’s enough to say hello and let them know they aren’t forgotten about. Who knows? We might even save a life.

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