There’s a fair amount of what some would call Magick to my spiritual path. Seeing life as cyclic in some ways means respecting the cycles of seasons. No one needs a calendar to achieve this sort of practice. All they have to do is look up into the night sky and pay attention to the […]


We talk a lot about healing. Let go and let God. Forgive and forget. Embrace our shadows. Live in love. Yadda yadda!!! But. How many of us genuinely consider what we’re letting go of? How often do we have epiphanies that show us how much easier it is to just let go and love. Let […]


One of the most beautiful gifts daily practice can offer is us serenity. When we journey within and aspire to be living examples of peace and love our cravings naturally start to subside. We stop running towards the next “best” thing and become complete and satisfied with what we have, where we are. Joy is […]


Probably the easiest way to dive into our understanding of spiritual alchemy is to look at some of the terms we’ve all at least heard of. From there, it’s a simple matter of deciphering what this medieval work means to you. VITRIOL In it’s original latin the term VITRIOL stood for ‘Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificado […]


I’ve always viewed mystics as some sort of metaphysical philosophers who blend science and spirituality together into something only vaguely coherent to the rest of us. Couple that with my tendency to regard religious leaders as charlatans taking advantage of the poor and it’s no wonder how I ended up with the mindstate I have […]


HOW I LANDED ON THE SPIRITUAL PATH This is my second installment on YouTube. I find the videos to be an easy way to, sort of backdoor the blog itself. Some people do better with a visual representation as opposed to merely reading. Anyways, I love the journey I’m on. I feel it’s necessary to […]


CONTROVERSIAL FAITH Here we are in the Age of Aquarius.: the Age of Understanding and enlightenment. It’s a digitized world where unlimited knowledge flows through a portal available to anyone with a device. Never before have our senses been so enticed by the material world around us. As a result we have droves of people […]


MODERN MYSTICISM One of the biggest problems skeptics of religion have is how open ended and vague a lot of scriptures tend to be. Since the whole realm is open to interpretation modern minds tend to pick apart ideologies and consider people of Faith to be a bit backwards, or ignorant. While most believers are […]


WITHOUT STRUGGLE Anything worth having is worth fighting for. There are so many instances in our lives where things happen that are meant to test our resolve. To test our merit. To test how badly we really want the things we claim to be chasing after. In eastern literature there is the popular metaphor based […]