“A person can receive not even one thing unless it has been given to him from heaven. You yourselves are my witnesses that I said, ‘I am not the Christ,’ but, ‘I have been sent ahead of Him.’ He who has the bride is the groom; but the friend of the groom, who stands and […]


“Dear Soul! Here sincerity is required: but sincere and determined will must prosecute this or else it will not be achieved. For, if the Soul wants to gain Christ’s knightly crown from the Virgin Sophia, she (i.e. the Soul) must woo it from her (i.e. the Virgin Sophia) with great Love-desire. She must beg for […]


When Michael Maier depicted Hermes Trismegistus with the sun and the moon he did so knowing this imagery would stir something within our subconscious. See, cosmic language isn’t a language of words. This is why psychologists oftentimes use dream interpretations as a way to help their clients get in touch with their wants and desires […]


Look, I adore Steiner. He’s a free thinking individual chock full of mystical wisdom but like all mystics he tended to assume people knew what he was talking about. As a result, we find experts on the philosophy of anthroposophy being incredibly detailed with all of this technical information that is of little or no […]

Journey Within: Creating The Mystical Experience

In this video I dive into esoteric Christianity and explain how to create the space to commune with God. I brush over the wisdom of the East, explain the chakras, and briefly speak on the different spiritual paths. I want people to understand how to journey Within so they too can enjoy the mystical experience. […]


SOPHIA- WISDOM Awakening the Goddess within is what ultimately set me on my course. I had no clue what awakening even meant at the time. What I thought I was doing and what actually happened are two different things. I thought I was cracking Solomons’ code not embarking on a spiritual journey. For me, true […]