I’ve always viewed mystics as some sort of metaphysical philosophers who blend science and spirituality together into something only vaguely coherent to the rest of us. Couple that with my tendency to regard religious leaders as charlatans taking advantage of the poor and it’s no wonder how I ended up with the mindstate I have […]


A QUICK RECAP Let’s make things interesting here. My last post- Walk The Planck– dealt with the effects some of the implications of quantum mechanics had on the world at that time. Material Realism was tossed on it’s head and some really brilliant minds struggled to accept the data they were being given. In the […]


My last two posts brushed over both scientific rationale and the spiritual worldview respectively. It isn’t my intention to bash either set of ideals or tell anyone that they’re wrong. Most of what I’m driving at is merely meant to provoke questions in the minds of others because I feel we have a lot to […]


When we look beyond material realism we tend to end up in the realm of the religious. Those pious individuals that cling zealously to dogmas that are so closed minded it’s easy to see why the Cartesian separation happened. You know the types, and I’ll use examples of my own faith as to not offend, […]