LIFE KEEPS BEING LIFE “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth!” -Mike Tyson We all feel Iron Mikes sentiment here. The training ground is a must for the go getter. So we plan meticulously. We make all of the necessary arrangements, dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s. We […]

What Is Christian Meditation

This week I bring in a special guest and dear friend of mine to discuss what Christian meditation is. We take a look at breathing, how it brings our body in tune and outline a few prayers and meditations you guys can start doing: The Jesus Prayer Lectio Divina The Cloud of Unknowing I will […]

THE TRIPTYCH GRAIL: Abraham, Isaac & Jacob

AS ABOVE SO BELOW I would’ve loved to enhance this photo and show a good view of Abram, Isaac and Jacob depicted underneath Melchizedek. However, the original painting was destroyed by bombs dropping in WW2. Finding Anna May-Rychter’s own words on the subject proved to be increasingly difficult. Early anthroposophists weren’t exactly public figures in […]

What Is Sex Transmutation

In celebration of no nut November I’m taking a look at the role chastity plays in spirituality. I cover a wide range of disciplines from Buddhism to Christianity and highlight the sexual alchemy found along the way. Click the link for more.


Keys of the Kingdom? What? Many of us struggle to understand what this phrase even means. We look for physical keys that unlock actual doors. Christ alludes to why this methodology will never work when He states “through hearing, they may not understand.” Of course there’s a metaphysical aspect to Luke 8:10 but how many […]