This is for the beginners. The people who are new to the path of spiritual awakening. I cover the basics of prayer and mindfulness meditation; how a daily morning practice in both disciplines can really ground our day and benefit self and society. We all started somewhere right. So if you’re fresh into the journey […]


What are known as light workers in the mystical community have been intoning certain vowel sounds to raise the vibrations of our collective consciousness for thousands of years now. As we settle into the Age of Aquarius we are seeing more and more people tuning into the Cosmic Mind of God. There‚Äôs this new age […]


WHEN IT’S SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE We tend to look at anger as some sort of useless emotion that gets us into way more trouble than it will ever get us out of. Am I right? All of us can think of at least one time in our lives where we reacted in anger and either said […]


GROWING UP GOONISH I was born in 1983 at J.P.S. What that really means is I’m old enough to remember pay phones, designated smoking areas indoors, Saturday morning cartoons and McGruff the crime fighting dog taking a bite out of crime. That’s right, the concept of my brain sizzling over easy on drugs is forever […]


MY MORNING RITUAL A righteous person is one who submits to the Will of G-D. That is why I set aside the first moments of everyday for devotion. Giving gratitude for the air in my lungs helps me grasp where I’m at in life. living and breathing. With that in mind I set my intentions […]


DISCLAIMER Before I dive into the deep end of the pool I want to address something. I am not a guru claiming to be illumined with secret knowledge. I am a regular guy who had a mystical experience. I attend Church weekly and read a lot of the same books you do. While I have […]


BOOK OF WISDOM I remember the first time I encountered the Book Of Wisdom. Having considered myself to be a deeply spiritual and well rounded person I wasn’t prepared for the impact Osho would have on my line of thinking, at all. Here this man was taking concepts I knew and turning them upside down […]