Lectio Divina: A Living Words Meditation

Lectio Divina– divine readings, or spiritual readings, to put it plainly. This is how people used the term for the majority of the middle ages which would suggest that lectio divina is synonymous with sacra pagina, “from the sacred page.” Of course, the Desert Fathers who created the practice of Lectio Divina used it as […]


FIRST THINGS FIRST Just smile. It sounds like some new wave “positive vibes only” head trip but it’s not. Your body releases three different hormones when you smile- dopamine, endorphins and serotonin. You don’t need a PhD to know that these chemicals send signals to your body that you’re happy which, in fact makes you […]

What Is Christian Meditation

This week I bring in a special guest and dear friend of mine to discuss what Christian meditation is. We take a look at breathing, how it brings our body in tune and outline a few prayers and meditations you guys can start doing: The Jesus Prayer Lectio Divina The Cloud of Unknowing I will […]