This is an iconic statement amongst Churches. One that is often used to separate the congregation from people of other paths. I’ve never understood that as I feel Yeshua taught tolerance and love. Now I don’t knock the Churches for translating anything in the manner in which they do. Free choice is afforded to everyone […]

Journey Within: Creating The Mystical Experience

In this video I dive into esoteric Christianity and explain how to create the space to commune with God. I brush over the wisdom of the East, explain the chakras, and briefly speak on the different spiritual paths. I want people to understand how to journey Within so they too can enjoy the mystical experience. […]


I’m diving in, head first, into esoteric Christianity. Immaculate Conception is a great place to start as there are so many falsehoods surrounding the mystical birth of Rav Yeshua. Having never been a fan of Dogma I’d like to invite you into the Great Mysteries in a subtle way. Hope you enjoy the video. I […]


MY DIVE INTO SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY I was incarcerated and facing the end result all career criminals face, a minimum sentence of 25 to life. I had always loathed jailhouse religion and foxhole prayers seeing them as a refusal to accept responsibility. By a strange turn of events I started, in secret, to submit my will […]


When I speak of the Fall Of Man I am quick to point out the duality that is birthed within our being in doing so. Our egos have grown quite a bit and we’ve seemed to have fallen out of conscious contact with the Divine. While the Bible explains that by documenting our expulsion from […]


AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT I’ve spent a great deal of time painting out mysticism to be some sort of Bizarro World view due to how difficult it is for our minds to grasp. Mystics apply a sort of backwards logic similar to Alice through the looking glass that doesn’t exactly translate into words. That being said, […]


MY MORNING RITUAL A righteous person is one who submits to the Will of G-D. That is why I set aside the first moments of everyday for devotion. Giving gratitude for the air in my lungs helps me grasp where I’m at in life. living and breathing. With that in mind I set my intentions […]


A GNOSTIC OVERVIEW When we talk about the rising of the Kundalini we are speaking of spiritual awakening. The common misconception among Christians being that there is no Biblical telling of how this can be achieved. In fact, the general consensus seems to be that the Bible doesn’t even speak on different states of consciousness […]


SOPHIA- WISDOM Awakening the Goddess within is what ultimately set me on my course. I had no clue what awakening even meant at the time. What I thought I was doing and what actually happened are two different things. I thought I was cracking Solomons’ code not embarking on a spiritual journey. For me, true […]


MODERN MYSTICISM One of the biggest problems skeptics of religion have is how open ended and vague a lot of scriptures tend to be. Since the whole realm is open to interpretation modern minds tend to pick apart ideologies and consider people of Faith to be a bit backwards, or ignorant. While most believers are […]