DISCLAIMER Before I dive into the deep end of the pool I want to address something. I am not a guru claiming to be illumined with secret knowledge. I am a regular guy who had a mystical experience. I attend Church weekly and read a lot of the same books you do. While I have […]


INFINITY The interesting feature in several of Bruno’s drawings is a sideways 8 that resembles a serpent coiled across itself. This feature has been prominent in several cultures throughout ancient Persia, both Greek and Minoan artwork and is believed to have its roots in Egyptian serpent worship. The reasoning behind it being drawn in a […]


HERACLITUS One of the few philosophers of ancient Greece who actually seemed to grasp the connection between the mind and the matter of the multiverse itself was Heraclitus. In a mystics typical fashion he believed that everything was made of but one substance in a constant state of flux: A sort of fire/soul substance we […]