Meister Eckhart is by far one of the most prolific writers of the Christian mystic tradition. His insights into how we are to become vessels filled with the light and love of God have comforted me in a way few others have. I’d like to share a piece from his Book of Divine Consolation with you as […]


Boehme taught that we human beings have a hidden essence within us that is God. A divine spark that remains within us looking to be found. “An immortal Dowry.” – “an inward Ground and unlost Possession.” He talked of an “innermost Birth” that happens when we start the work of discovering this inward Dowry. I […]


THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN Political posturing goes way back. It’s been a part of the human experience since the beginning of recorded history. Probably further. In fact, I’m willing to bet dollars to pesos early tribal leaders became politically savvy before we even had cuneiform. Look, I would love to separate this […]

What Is Christian Meditation

This week I bring in a special guest and dear friend of mine to discuss what Christian meditation is. We take a look at breathing, how it brings our body in tune and outline a few prayers and meditations you guys can start doing: The Jesus Prayer Lectio Divina The Cloud of Unknowing I will […]


Probably the most “unchristian” thing I have ever said is that we aren’t here to argue down others with our religious rightness and convert them to our way of thinking. In fact, I don’t think people of faith should waste their breath preaching. People can only grasp what they understand. Even then they only ask […]

THE TRIPTYCH GRAIL: Abraham, Isaac & Jacob

AS ABOVE SO BELOW I would’ve loved to enhance this photo and show a good view of Abram, Isaac and Jacob depicted underneath Melchizedek. However, the original painting was destroyed by bombs dropping in WW2. Finding Anna May-Rychter’s own words on the subject proved to be increasingly difficult. Early anthroposophists weren’t exactly public figures in […]


So I’ve spent years racking my brain trying to understand why Christians are so indoctrinated with this concept of the New Testament that flies in the face of what Rav Yeshua actually taught: The close minded interpretations The attacks on different faiths The outright refusal to acknowledge mysticism The mistreatment of same sex couples. None […]


INTRODUCTION I’m going to dive into some really meaty bits of the Gospel of John here. Now this is the most mystical interpretation of Christ we have in our popular canon of today. As such, John reads as a sort of spirit manual intent on helping initiates understand the mystery within, or how Christ transforms […]