GENESIS 01:An Alchemical Take

We’re all familiar with the Creation Epoch, but how often do we really get to breakdown the way God works here? You guys know from previous posts why I feel it all starts with the utterance of the plural name of God, Elohim, but why is it important? Almost immediately we see a reference to “a […]


“By thirty-two mystical Paths has been established the Wisdom of YHVH Sabaoth, God of Israel, living Elohim, almighty God, high and supreme, living for all eternity.” -Sefer Yetzirah 1-1 We’re not real sure who actually wrote the Sefer Yetzirah. We only know it’s the oldest of the mystical texts that come to mind when we […]


Us? This is where people get tripped up over scriptures. We see the word us and start thinking like human beings again. We stumble over trinitarian doctrines ignoring God as a unity or dive into ancient astronaut theory and completely miss the point. This comes from a literal misunderstanding of what the various names of […]


Probably one of my favorite things to do is wrestle with the unanswerable questions. How we came into being has baffled humankind since the beginning of recorded history. Various experts, sages, religious zealots and mystical dorks with computers have pondered the how and why of existence and offered us a myriad of explanations. Of course, […]


One of the most beautiful gifts daily practice can offer is us serenity. When we journey within and aspire to be living examples of peace and love our cravings naturally start to subside. We stop running towards the next “best” thing and become complete and satisfied with what we have, where we are. Joy is […]


“Man eats bread, wine, beer, fruit. From these he produces excrements which are carried back to the fields. Seed is sewn upon them and his food grows again from his own excrement. In the same way a tree: when winter robs it of its leaves, they fall down to the roots and turn into the […]


Meister Eckhart is by far one of the most prolific writers of the Christian mystic tradition. His insights into how we are to become vessels filled with the light and love of God have comforted me in a way few others have. I’d like to share a piece from his Book of Divine Consolation with you as […]


I have been horrifically codependent for the majority of my life. Psychologists would site childhood trauma and lack of loving kindness during my developmental years as the root cause. Buddhists would site attachment to certain feelings as the root cause. The average Christian would say I haven’t learned to open up my heart to accept […]