Why It’s Important To Plant Seeds

“Every leaf that grows will tell you: what you sow will bear fruit, so if you have any sense my friend, don’t plant anything but Love.” -Rumi

I know it’s easy for us to seek quick fixes nowadays. We literally have instant everything delivered to our doorsteps within 25 hours. Convenience stores at every corner stocked with all our favorite goodies. Instant gratification is the catchphrase of our era.

While our society is, in many ways, a marvelous achievement a lot of the old ways seem to be changing forms right before our eyes. Meditation is seeing a huge renaissance amongst psychologists and doctors these days. They have found immense amounts of benefits to this ancient practice and have started utilizing it to treat a myriad of psychological and physical issues. Those on the front lines of trauma research are now using meditation as a way to undo the damage done by toxic stress.

Meanwhile, we members of the spiritual community are like “yup!” See, Prince Sidhartha planted a seed of psychological understanding in the minds of those around and created a movement that stressed the importance of understanding what was happening in our minds and how those mental states affect our lives. Now, he is known as the Buddha the world over and we have all benefited immensely from the psychological groundwork he laid out for us.

We’re now living in a time where the medical community is taking eastern philosophy seriously and implementing meditative techniques in a clinical setting. I told you it’s a phenomenal era to be alive. We are literally seeing the work of various sages throughout the centuries coming into fruition.

Can you imagine the type of shift in consciousness our species will undergo just by making meditation a part of our daily lives?

This is just the start of it but we are witnessing a huge step forward in our evolution. We have those blessed sages of old to thank for that.

So I ask you… what type of seeds are you planting?

4 thoughts on “Why It’s Important To Plant Seeds

  1. Sometimes seeds benefit from extra attention to get a good sprout developing before it really takes off in the soil. Since I adore watching things grow, here is a little extra nutrient for that lovely soil. Every single thing that I have written is from direct experience in doing what the words say, not summarizations or interpretations of other mens word from books and other documents. Every single word is validated truth through actually doing what was written, and experiencing the astounding results. They are not theories, I can assure you.

    The only way to “prove it” is for each person to do “the work” themselves, in what ever way your “inner-instructor” guides you, once you understand the messages written in the articles and poems. The actual “next step” will have to come from “within your Self,” not me, nor anyone else for that matter.

    I am merely pointing to the path and sending forth the message. If you know the phrase of “when the student is ready,” all you have to do is ask, and follow the “word.” If you “raise and accumulate” your internal “vibrations” the way it is suggested in poems and other articles, then you will be absolutely astounded as to how much “occult knowledge” you will begin to understand. Your search will come to a close, and you will “know,” and begin to explore freely for the first time.

    The “real word” is in a “vibaratory range” that you can tune your body and mind to and hear, much like you can change your car radio. Just in understanding the basic principles and methods will give you a massive jump in understanding many things. Although I will warn you, if the “purity” isn’t in your “heart” when you begin the path, it can produce very unfavorable results. But if your “heart is pure,” you will surely be in for one heck of a cosmic ride for “all who choose.” This is a big reason why “Jesus” is often portrayed pointing to “his heart.” Push those divine sacred energies to your “hearts” and “crowns,” and the heavens will open to you for sure. King Jesus was not joking in any way when he said, “now take up your cross, and follow me!”


      1. Except this is a post on modern psychology embracing Buddhist philosophy. Meditation is life changing because it takes people to the source and plants seeds deep within their subconscious. It moves us beyond that “I” sense that screams “follow me.” It’s the subtle realization that consciousness is the stream that flows through everything lying at the core of all the teachings of sages. Everything else is just a sales pitch.


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