A few months back I became very interested in how Christianity has evolved into the Dogma it is today. Doctrinal issues and personal interpretations to the side, it’s just easy for one to be confused by what we call Christianity. In a world where charismatic preachers double as motivational speakers and over 45,000 denominations claim authenticity how can we definitively describe what defines a Christian.

Followers of Christ?

A body of a spirit filled congregation?

Those who observe tradition?

These are all adjectives that don’t actually define Christianity. They certainly don’t cut to the heart of what Christ taught. The mystical elements seem to have fallen by the wayside as the masses seek something outside of themselves.

A mythic man in the sky peering down and casting judgement on the world isn’t exactly canon but here we are. Sprinkle in a few groups that bark the loudest and we get lumped in with fear mongers who loathe homosexuals and premarital sex on one end and a feel good hippie Jesus loving those full of sin on the other.

Of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong with how people interpret scriptures it just all feels lacking to me.

I figured somewhere in the 5,800 manuscripts of the New Testament and the 10,000 or so variations of the Old Testament lies a pure land doctrine that strikes at the heart of Gods Wisdom. Prosperity preachers and Evangelicals in the modern era look a lot like the Pharisees and Sadducee’s. Both parties are well versed in the 19,000 some odd manuscripts in Coptic, Syriac, Aramaic, etc. I mean these guys spent years studying the history and know far more about it then they let onto and we’re somehow stuck listening to some tired ass sermon with a political agenda.


Why do some Christians refute science instead of seeing allegory in the Creation Epoch.?

Why does any hint at metaphysics seems to scare some people and send them running?

Why do the rest of us get lumped into a group and labeled “closed minded” or “ignorant” as a result?

Fly Republican Jesus into Jerusalem on a bald eagle and no one takes God seriously anymore. It’s become this satirical movement completely out of touch with humanity. It’s like we’ve become to busy judging others for the splints in their eyes while we have a huge board blinding our own.

But how did we get here?


Last year, Americans spent over 700 million- yes million- on religious texts. Half of the churches people stumble into are occupied by coffee shops, couple’s councilors, preachers in thousand dollar suits- I’m joking, their shoes cost a thousand half the time.

The world is a business. It always has been. While it may seem unfortunate to people who have read Christs words it definitely isn’t surprising to see this trend in the church.

Besides, we all give gladly to those we feel need it. Whether it be handing money to the homeless or putting it into the coffer at church most Christians – and people for that matter- are more than happy to follow Mosaic Law. 10% seems reasonable.

As a result, many churches run charities or offer services to members of the congregation who struggle

Each denomination has its own brand. Anyone who’s looked into seminary schools quickly realizes each denomination has a very specific set of scriptures they want ingrained into their students. Whether it be Liberty University’s Southern Baptist or the Dallas Theological Society, each one has a specific doctrine they play up.

Words like Orthodoxy- those who hold to the right beliefs- and heretics- one who practices religious heresy- are commonplace.

Now as someone who has been called a heretic, a Gnostic, a blasphemer, a New Ager, Occultist and pretty much every form of slander one can find to label those of us who don’t exactly fit in the official brands of Christian I felt it was important to dig to the roots of Christianity. 15 books later all I can say with any certainty is this isn’t a new phenomenon.

In fact, before we even had a canon called the Bible there was still a ton of philosophies surrounding Christs teaching. Some books made it into the library we call the Bible and others didn’t. Founders like Origen who were considered authorities in their day were later labeled heretics. Guys like Meister Eckhart would have been publicly executed if it weren’t for their political affiliation with the Dominican Friars.


Over the next few weeks we’ll discuss the political climate of Judea under Roman occupation. We’ll discuss the groups of Jewish leadership and how they tied into the New Testament. We’ll talk about Greek Philosophy and what it meant to the Roman Empire. We’ll discuss how Rome treated the various schools of religious dogma and some of the egalitarian practices they had. We’ll take an in depth look at the pre-Nicaea brands of Christianity and some of the Christian philosophers of the day. We’ll look into how Jewish beliefs and Greek thinking shaped the way the early church.

Somewhere in that hall of confusion we should land on one simple truth- any time God is being discussed our personal ideas tend to shape how we interpret it all. We’ll dig deep into why human beings splinter into groups and can look at one set of texts so differently.

Maybe we’ll learn to respect each other’s perspectives even when we disagree. Maybe we’ll see that we’re not all that different. Who knows how this will unfold.

Honestly, my only job is to write out a loose outline of how we ended up here. Whatever the reader does with that information is completely up them.

Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.


  1. And Jesus said “For many shall come in my name” and they most certainly have. These spiritual leaders simply “do not know” so they must resort to plagiarism and vulgar interpretations salvaged from their own ignorant pools of thought. There are tens of thousands of texts and versions of “the word” simply because the next in line ignorant follower has taken a previously taught version of the teachings and tailored them to meet their own personal thoughts and agendas. Not to even mention that the “other half” of these scriptures have been purposely erased. This is also why we have so many branches of Christianity as well as all other religions. The true authentic teachings are relatively simple my dear friends. It is the actual doing and working of them within each of us that becomes the challenging part. Although understanding will only come to an individual if they are willing to let go of any ideas that may be held in their minds that only serve their personal ego. This is exactly how we ended up with a hodgepodge of writings that we fight over, and the greedy little world we live. Just because something is in a written in a book does not necessary mean it is credible. It all depends on where the consciousness and intentions of the writer are. Sadly, not everyone is out to deceive you. Some do really want to help, but they do not know how and resort to repeating bible phrases over and over and over. Here is a tip – no one needs to copy and distort the works of another if “the word” has incarnated in him. If a person is of this world they will only hear and speak of this world and it is up to them to resolve that conflict within themselves if they desire to hear God.

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    1. Oh you said it. “It’s the actual doing and working of them within each of us that becomes the challenging part.” That’s the ticket. We have to become doers of the Word and not hearers only.

      Now, I’d like to challenge you a bit here. Rabbinical scholars have done a fantastic job of copying texts word for word over millennia. If you haven’t spoken with members in the Jewish community I’d highly advise it. There are a few translations they adore including the Greek Septuagint that are vital to our understanding. It may have to do with the letter of the law Rabbis adore or simply be a matter of Biblical Hebrew having an unbroken lineage but they definitely have kept a record of everything.

      However, your tip of “no one needs to copy and distort the works” s huuuuge! We are all called to hear God in our way. You’re a brilliant human and I’m glad our blogs crossed paths. May we continue to teach and go forth into the world with the message.

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  2. Another point to consider is that much of the babel written was done so to conceal the secret doctrine from the profane and unworthy. Those who deserve to know shall seek and find. Noble as that idea may be that line of thought didn’t prove out so well, because the male entrusted keepers of the sacred knowledge lost the key. There is a great amount of power that results from practicing even half of the true spiritual doctrine and while these men may only understand half, they have hoarded this knowledge for their own personal gain and became power hungry. As a result they generate and project lopsided dirty energy into the world. Hence why the world is angry, unbalanced, and masculine heavy. Don’t forget about a well known WWII tyrant. He knew some of these secrets very well. This is why a little knowledge can be very dangerous and one of the reasons why the secrets were concealed. Incidentally, you cannot steal or fake the key. “She” is natures judge and cares not about personal intentions only the Godly results. Live by the sword, die by the sword, or learn to love with purity in your heart and “She” will gradually let you in. Love is the only vibration where balance can begin and the world is unbalanced because it does not know how to love. At best people only know how to tolerate one another. Balance can only happen from within oneself. There is nothing outside that is needed. Jesus himself cannot tap anyone on the head and fix them. It is up to them.

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  3. As far as the Hebrew texts that you referred to I’ll say this – I am not familiar with that particular scripture, nor do I know of or have spoken with anyone in the Jewish community. However; that doesn’t mean that I don’t know and understand their ways. Because the goal is to show unification throughout all world religions and sacred texts, it becomes a problem when you begin to over identify with any particular school of thought. Doing this may show favor or endorsement of that school of thought. The world will never accept or trust more explanations of the same allegories, nor has time to understand the holy sacred principles as once taught. They are way too busy and distracted, and so there is a real need to simplify and personalize these sacred teachings if we are to help accelerate the consciousness of this world.


  4. Jesus did not like it either, and gave “The Twelve Blessings” recorded in 1958 through George King whilst in a self induced Samadhic trance. Some things were said about ignorant priests and need for light in the Church.
    I knew George King, and I am the last of the few who were present.

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