Art by: Saatchi

We all know about mindfulness meditation. It’s an ancient practice that stretches back thousands of years. Most teachers start students off with some variation of awareness as the foundation of the spiritual path.

That being said, how many of us stop to consider why mindfulness holds the key to inner transformation?

The answer is simple. When we learn to observe our thoughts and emotions we eventually reach a state of observation where we aren’t swayed by our mental states. We start to see how our mental states arise from emotional triggers. We begin to become aware of how external stimuli effect us. Beyond that, we slowly begin to grasp why it’s a choice to be taken in by what we experience.

The choice is what’s difficult to master.

Behind all of our posturing lies an ego that wants to react. We want to get caught up in a whirlwind of emotions and release all of our frustrations. It’s only natural. Most of us have spent the majority of our lives on autopilot with no real understanding of why we do what we do.

Of course, at that point the truth becomes obvious. We were never fighting other people or situations that offended us. No. We were always wrestling with our own inner demons. The trigger doesn’t matter. It’s how we respond to things that trigger us that matter.

As we become more aware of our inner dialogue we start to see our patterns. We start to see how we add to stressful situations by reacting. We start to learn that things we see in other people are things we don’t like about ourselves.

So, why does mindfulness work? Because it allows us the space to see our own flaws and highlights the areas we need to work on.

Besides, how often does throwing gas on a fire stop the fire from burning?


The only thing we have any control over is ourselves. This is why mystics throughout the ages agree on the importance of understanding why we do what we do.

It all starts with mindfulness.

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