Good and Evil Painting
Andrej Vystropov

Tragedy is a part of our lives. As is joy, sorrow, laughter, and love. As we progress through life we experience so much and it’s not always a pleasurable experience. It can all seem so unfair at times while at other points we are almost convinced nothing is impossible. The funny part about that is the only thing that tends to change from situation to situation is us, and how we feel.

We tend to look at earthquakes as this destructive force, but in a cosmic sense they are merely events. It’s that dual mindedness we carry that labels experiences. Labels to explain things to one another. Labels completely dependent on perspective.

We experience change and upheaval from one state to the next and that sometimes stirs this feeling within us that we did something wrong. “What did I ever do to deserve this?” being a personal favorite of mine. However, we are only experiencing a truth f the universe: everything is in constant flux. We’re back to Heraclitus, “everything is in a perpetual state of becoming.”

So what’s our exit strategy?

We commit ourselves to a greater truth when we allow ourselves to be changed from our perspective as a separate entity being tossed about into a part of the cosmic whole. We remind ourselves that everyone feels heartbreak and disappointment. We share our joy and give of ourselves freely.

What effects do we bring to the world around us when we become parts of the cosmic whole?

We transform into agents of change who soften the struggle others endure. We start to use our faculties to help our fellow humans rise above the drama in their lives. We become these active pillars in our communities that help bring about lasting peace. In a word, we become more altruistic.

This commitment to the path of service means we become channels of change and compassion. Our painful mistakes become life lessons that others can draw strength and hope from. Heartbreak becomes the reason we show kindness.

It is up to us to learn from the things we go through and harmonize with nature. It takes effort but there is always a subjective nature of reality. Things always balance out. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about accepting the ebb and flow of life and moving along fluidly. In this sense doing the right thing is maintaining balance. (Just don’t go full Thanos)

Sometimes a perfect storm clears away the debris in our lives. Sometimes the uber-manipulative person is the last toxic person you allow into your before seeking the therapy necessary to heal old wounds. Of course, we hardly ever think in those terms when we’re in the thick of it but you get the point. Sometimes all we need is a shift in perspective.

Reflect back on the difficult times in your life and ask yourself what you gained. We always grow from experience. Chaos exists. It’s a natural phenomenon. Granted, chaos manifests differently than we like but that’s because we fail to recognize that only change is constant.

  • change is frustrating
  • change is difficult
  • change involves responsibility
  • life has ups and downs in accordance with the law of cycles

Our spiritual understand blossoms once we start to accept change, no matter how painful. There are no roses without thorns. Remember that.

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