“Concerning matter, we’ve been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. Matter is spirit reduced to a point of visibility. There is no matter.”

-Albert Einstien

In my last entry I questioned if Duality is the Great Cosmic Lie. To paraphrase the question is simple: are our more egotistical and innately selfish aspects born from dualism, or black and white thinking? Can the us versus them dilemma really be boiled down into one word?

I’m going with yes/but here.

While it would be impossible to say when hot ends and cold begins without a person present to experience the shift in degree one thinking along those lines can easily see that there is a dual nature at work. Hot and cold can cause pleasure or displeasure depending on the context. Think warm coffee on a winter morning. It’s how we experience the vibrations we encounter that decides how they get labelled. Yes, things exist to our senses because they are vibrating.


Alright. So it’s incredibly easy to see polarity in everything around us. We experience those vibrations daily making them very real to us. However, you almost have to rely on logic to understand your own dual nature. Our consciousness itself is dual. We have our objective minds and our subconscious. Our objective consciousness is easy to see as it’s constantly processing and experiencing things we take in through the five senses. Whereas our subconscious is directing the involuntary functions of our body and under the direct control of the cosmos itself. It’s through this connection to the Cosmic Mind of God that we receive what your space cadet homies call psychic impressions. You know, those weird messages that our waking minds struggle to comprehend. Think of your dream life. Now, by its very nature this subconsciousness you possess is unlimited and immortal, because it is so closely related to the consciousness of the Soul. Your Soul being the aforementioned “I” sense that is constantly with God.

A simple way to realize you have a subconscious at work is to monitor your own body. Think of when you fall asleep and your waking mind shuts down. Our hearts keep beating, our lungs keep breathing, and our blood continues circulating. This is because our subconscious mind does not depend on our objective consciousness in any shape, way, or form. This is the great cosmic consciousness you hear about in new age circles. It is present within every fiber of your being because God is omnipotent.

Duality demands that when one pole manifests itself its opposite must be suppressed. This is why our waking minds scream so loudly, “look at the experience!” Our senses are constantly indulging in various activities while our quiet, intuitive subconscious sits in the background. This must be overcome. We must learn to become observers of our experience to some degree.


While polarity may seem dual in nature, it’s not. The Kybalion sort of slips that one in there when it states “opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree.” Each pole needs its opposite to manifest. Why? Because “nothing rests; everything moves. everything has its opposites.” Each pole has the nature of the other end within it. Oh sure, there are degrees of each pole present but you can’t separate them.

Think about large and small. An elephant is huge next to a mouse and yet we can load a matriarch and his entire family onto a cargo plane and fly them across the globe. Emotions aren’t any different. We experience happiness because we’ve known sadness. This is how our waking minds beguile us.

Consider polarities as co-creators of your reality. By tapping into this dual nature you can really clarify what you desire from life. This is the backbone of every quack who sells a systems of manifestation- manifest whatever you want- ever. Unfortunately, there’s a bit of toxic positivity that exists within this dreamscape of “positive vibes only” no matter how wonderful it sounds. Any attempt to suppress or deny oppositional forces will have catastrophic consequences.

If everything is in vibration then logic would dictate everything is shifting. As Heraclitus would say “matter is in a perpetual state of becoming.” Everything is subject to constant modification and nothing is ever permanent or fixed. Things are never what they appear to be. We may want the comfort that comes from familiarity but life has a mind of its own.

Everything changes and it’s our resistance to that change that causes us to stress. It’s like hitting ice at 80 MPH (130 KMH to the majority of my readers). If you turn against the skid you’ll almost definitely crash but if you turn into the skid the car catches its treads more quickly and you regain balance. Acceptance acts as the polar opposite to resistance. By resisting an unpleasant situation we’re placing our focus on it. Where our awareness goes we go. In hippie that’s “we’re vibrating at the frequency which can only, by its nature, bring us more of the same.”

So realizing and accepting our current state of affairs would be the first step in overcoming a scenario by use of spiritual law. At this point, we tend to start seeking the lessons- especially if it’s a scenario that has popped up over and over again. (Personally, I would pray from that “I” sense and ask God to give me the Wisdom to make it through and visualize myself on the other side having come out of the suffering all the better for it.) This takes us from the role of an unwilling subject being tossed about to co-creators who are growing and evolving as we pass through life.

With that thought I leave you with another quote:

“I am the master of my fate,. I am the captain of my soul.”

-William Ernest Henley

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