“While all religious beliefs should be respected, choice is a human right.”
-Sara Pascoe

Probably the most “unchristian” thing I have ever said is that we aren’t here to argue down others with our religious rightness and convert them to our way of thinking. In fact, I don’t think people of faith should waste their breath preaching. People can only grasp what they understand. Even then they only ask questions from those they see living in a manner that jives with their preconceived notions of spirituality. I mean, when was the last time you saw anyone asking Trump for advice on creating the sacred space within?

What was that?


Of course not. That’s because we are recognized for how we conduct ourselves and treat others long before what we say even factors in. People tend to believe about half of what they see and even less of what they hear. And with good reason. We live in an age of information. Any public figure can be searched, scrutinized, and quoted within seconds. There are entire bios for available full of scandal, failings and misdeeds. As a result, we’ve become a naturally incredulous species.

What does that have to do with religion?

People of faith are now seen as old-fashioned. The Christian has become this closedminded individual uncapable of rational thought in the eyes of the public. Sprinkle in a few two minute hate speeches from pulpits online and presto; the baby gets tossed out with the bathwater.


Because rational people can see the pattern of all religions plain as day:

  • We are told that we were born broken and damaged. Never mind that we’re created in the image of God, we are flawed. We are sinful, ignorant, suffering, or just plain evil. Whatever the sickness may be we all need the cure. So…
  • We are promised that we can be made whole and complete by following a set of rules. We can escape this wheel of suffering, or be liberated, or find salvation, whatever the word may be…
  • All we have to do is take refuge in the Three Noble Truths, or Follow the 10 Commandments, or submit to Allah. Whatever fanciful way they have of asking one to submit to a simple code of ethics it is guaranteed that the religious person must submit.

All of these cornerstones of the global religions are built on a falsehood any mystic would recognize with ease; dualism. We are good or bad, right or wrong, living in darkness or living in light. Yadda yadda yadda! From there it’s all a carrot on the stick saying “be good in this lifetime and we’ll give you eternal life and laughter in the next world.” So we end up with these masses of people who are obedient out of fear of divine punishment rather than choosing to be good people just because they want to be.

The simple truth of it all is we are a unity. Everyone we come into contact with is having a human experience just like you. Just like me. We are not cooler than, smarter than, better than. We are all here living our lives… most of the times to the best of our abilities.

We are living separate from each other in these bubbles of false self-reliance. Unless you grow your own food, are an electrician, plumber, master builder and a mechanic then you’re at the mercy of others just to keep the things you rely on for survival going each day. WE… NEED… EACH… OTHER

“If one contemplates things in mystical meditation, everything is revealed as one.”

-The Zohar

Somehow this Divine Truth has been twisted into a dogma that separates us from one another and it has got to stop. We must break the pattern and interrupt this trauma loop.


Do a 24 hour challenge. Spend 24 hours of your life treating everyone you come in contact with as God, or as an aspect of you. How would you want to be treated? How would you want to be loved? Then…

“Love one another. As I have loved you, so you also must love one another.”

-John 13:34

That is the path.

Live in love. Cherish what it means to have a human experience and respect others as they have theirs.


  1. I agree with everything you said. Jesus commented in the book of The Twelve Blessings, how the Sun is an Aspect of God and the source of energy in the solar system with emphasis on Love.
    We never needed religion, unselfish service and search for secrets of Being in ourselves instead of worship is the Quest from the beginning.
    We are very ancient having spent eons in different lives, times and places. “It is not easy being Human”, part of this last phase before the next.


    1. Also, how would you define our collective soul? Like, all of us who meditate can sense that interconnectedness but it’s almost impossible to put into words. And why is it so difficult to live in that state of interconnectedness in our waking lives?


      1. You might like the cam by Richard Lawrence of The Aetherius Society, on Collective Evolution.
        My view is ascending groups of souls in union. A Cosmic Masters indicated the composition of millions of lives, probably the same thing.

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