I want to continue diving into the Gospel of John and unpacking the mysteries performed by Christ. However, in order to do so accurately we must concern ourselves with Christs anointing of the Holy Spirit. While we know the entire power God rested within Christ while he was manifested here I doubt many of us genuinely think of the significance of it.


To understand the significance of the the Baptism of Christ we must first understand who John the Baptist is. When asked who he was John the Baptist replied “I am the voice of one crying out in the desert, make straight the way of the Lord.” While he’s obviously quoting Isaiah 40:3 there’s a bit more to it than that. His manner of dress and diet screams of an exhiled Essene and even scholars have come to grips with that. However, the connotation of the wilderness has a spiritual parallel amongst the Essenes, one that denotes how our spiritual energy is grounded within. This is why he baptized with water- a physical sign. Water carrying its own significance of the normal objective consciousness housed in our physical bodies. The one who comes after him, whose strap he isn’t worthy to untie, baptizes in Spirit- transforming our very souls.

John testified further, saying, “I saw the Spirit come down like a dove from the sky and remain upon him. I did not know him, but the one who sent me to baptize with water told me, ‘On whomever you see the Spirit come down and remain, he is the one who will baptize with the Holy Spirit.’ Now I have seen and testified that he is the Son of God.”

-John 1:32

There’s so much hidden here that’s hit a hardcore language barrier and been lost in translation it’s unreal. “I saw the Spirit.” Aomai has a dual meaning. It means ‘to see physically’ but it also means ‘to see clairvoyantly.’ Both Matthew and Mark use the verb for seeing normally whereas the Gospel of John denotes the mystical path in each and every line.

Rudolf Steiner literally picked this verse apart in several lectures and defined each word far beyond anything I could ever hope to surmise. Luckily, his lectures are public record these days and anyone can find them. His translation states simply:

“I clairvoyantly beheld the Spirit, from out of the Spirit (of Yeshuas own being) gradually taking on a dove like shape, and this remained, hovering above him.”


This is a much more in depth look than we find in Matthew 3:16. “And he saw the Spirit of God (Ru’ahh) descending like a dove and coming upon him.” Yeshua is the physical embodiment of the Word. Ruach Hakoddesh(Holy Spirit) rose up from within him and hovered above him forming a chalice for the divine that was seeking to fill him. We are witnessing the entirety of Gods power fully arising within Yeshua.

Diving completely in the deep end of the pool here I’d like to site a passage from the Emerald Tablet that speaks of such an event. “It climbs from the Earth and descends from the sky, and receives the force of things superior and inferior.” Remember, John was speaking in a way that would resonate with the Greek thinkers of the day. Hermetic philosophy was alive and well amidst the mystery schools of Ancient Greece so it would stand to reason that this is how they would interpret this inner journey of Christ’s.

No matter what angle you take in discerning the mystical path laid out in John the result is always the same. Yeshua housed the Divine in the flesh and served as the living embodiment of what we should all aspire to be.

While the Church doesn’t tend to play up what it actually means to be born again in Christ the Gospel of John gives a clear and concise path to follow. Christ arises within us and leads us through our journey of transformation baptizing our Spirits. This is a spirit manual not the chronicles of Christ.

I wanted to lay the foundation of understanding down as solidly as possible before getting into the meat of the mysteries. It’s almost impossible to understand the Wedding at Cana without understanding the symbolism of Christ’s baptism. This is high Christian mysticism and I have to be incredibly careful of how it’s presented as I don’t want to mislead anyone based on my own misunderstanding. This work requires loads of prayer and meditation to convey with accuracy. Thank you all for your patience and understanding

6 thoughts on “BAPTISM OF CHRIST

  1. Thankyou for that fine dissertation, you know the Bible very well.
    I think you will enjoy “The Twelve Blessings” spoken by Jesus through the Master George King in a selfinduced Samadhic trance, who being advanced in Yoga could for this. It would kill anyone less evolved, as it was George King suffered several days of distress which followed.
    I am the last survivor of the 53 who attended the hearing of The Twelve Blessings in 1958, and became a member of The Aetherius society.
    You might like my website: ,”The Divine Herecies”.

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  2. Wait. Do you mean to tell me there is a collection of writings involving the ancient mysteries contained in John? The line of intuition I’m speaking on came from meditating within guided by Sophia. Obviously it isn’t shocking to find another person has revelation along those lines but it would be helpful to read. As you know God doesn’t exactly speak English and the symbolism is anything but easy to interpret. Their experience could help me grasp things a bit more clearly. Thank you. I will definitely devote time to study it carefully.


    1. “The Twelve Blessings” are in the book of the same title. It is a small book of 63 pages. The Blessings are easy to memorise, their practice is indeed a powerful experience. Introduction is in the voice of Goo Ling who is The Guardian of the Seal of The Great White Brotherhood, and who still maintains an oriental body 2000 years old.
      There are comments by Jesus and the Martian Adept, Mars Sector Six .
      Some interesting things about the mother of George King and her trip in space to deliver the first hard backed copy printed.
      Altogether could be a worthy addition to your knowledge of the Bible, intended for the New Age already founded by a power operation in 1964.

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      1. Good. You will never regret entry into the the mysteries of the metaphysical and forever be amazed as in “Truth is Indeed Stranger Than Fiction”.


  3. I had another thought, why not order the “Nine Freedoms” as well . This one was dictated by the Cosmic Master, Mars Sector Six , who is Lord of Karma describing the path through different planets on the long way to being a Cosmic Master, and beyond.

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