BELIEVE IN YOURSELF– Art by Yuki Mickler


It’s obvious to anyone who reads my blog that I have a firm belief in mysticism. I spend countless hours pounding keys talking about the grace afforded to me that allows me to be here. I went from a convict taking from others to a working class cog in the machine. I’ve decided to tell anyone who will listen about the love that exists at the core of all things. On one hand, I’m honoring my covenant with the G-D of my heart, on the other I’m working towards my personal goals. I live my message. In doing so, I find fulfillment in knowing I am where I need to be.


There is a method to my madness. Entire books have been dancing around this brain of mine since I was still incarcerated. Quite a lot of the writing you see is from the countless spirals laying around my house. Nobody just becomes a best seller overnight though. Nowadays there are a million different options in publishing and promoting a book, but the truth of the matter is if no one knows who you are they won’t read it. So I give away gems I feel can help people. I work in a warehouse and put what money I do make into marketing. In part, because mysticism should be as freely given as grace was to me. Sure. I give back, but I also understand it’s a slow climb in a niche market overcrowded with people who are already successful.

Luckily they started in the same place. No one will ever see the struggle but it is guaranteed they will see the results. I watched Kevin Hart getting crunk with his crew before he went on stage. He screams “EVERYBODY WANNA BE FAMOUS!” His crew fires back, “NOBODY WANNA PUT IN THE WORK!” What a concept.


I’ve offended philosophers who don’t like the Four Elements being blended with the Apostle Pauls’ teaching. Turned around to Christians beating me over the head with the Old Testament on the same post. Do I get upset? No. Why? They have the same cognitive reasoning I do and are allowed to draw whatever conclusions they like.

Besides, I knew when I started doing this that it’ll make waves. Any business strategist will tell you “controversy sells.” In truth, challenging the status quo makes people think. Anytime we make those neurons fire in an unfamiliar way we’re challenging our old patterns of thinking. We’re rewiring our brains. That is what made me walk away from being a street hustler and do something different. So why would I stop when I know challenging my entire outlook on life lead me to inner peace? I wouldn’t.


Everything has a lesson for us to learn. In order to have the money to market myself I’ve had to give up eating out and buying lattes’. I love Starbucks, but at $2,000 a month I have to sacrifice certain things to get where I want to be. There is a subtle humility at work here I have to stop and appreciate. My birthday was the last time I ate out. That was my birthday present. I grabbed a burrito from the taqueria up the street and it was so good. So so good. Why? I appreciated this rare treat as I have gone without for quite some time.

On those day when I feel especially desperate and miss making 1,000+ overnight I write my brother. He’s facing 25 years after his lifetime of crime and mayhem. My perspective instantly shifts. I remember the end result of fast money. I also get out of my head by telling a loved one it’ll be alright and the way is being paved for their future. Usually by the end of that letter I’m not thinking about me anymore and I’m grateful to be alive and in the land of the free.


So, to those of you who work tirelessly without the instant gratification, this one’s for you. Someday people will read all your works. They’ll see the ups and downs and be glad you shared them. They’ll be motivated to continue doing their lifes’ work. Being that positive person in the lives of others is more rewarding than all the clicks and likes we could ever receive.

Keep making the world a better place. Huge hugs!


    1. Humility has become one of my greatest teachers over the years. It’s the embarrassing stuff that made me break up a lot of the old ideas I held onto. Stuff that isn’t relevant in the slightest. I think back to our earliest conversations and you sent me the clip from the Royal Wedding. That man talking about love just clicks. Nowadays it almost seems foolish for me to focus on anything else. Anyways, thank you. You’re always an inspiration and I’m grateful for the growth that comes through simple conversations.

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