There are so many times I get completely overwhelmed with life. Like sometimes it’s just too much and I start looking at all that’s wrong. I don’t have enough of this. I’m too tired for that. I’m caving. I’m… I… Me me me me! Right, like I’m the center of the Universe and the only one going through it. 

If I get out of my head for long enough to pray I can see the folly in my thinking. “Make me a channel of Thy peace!” or “Thy will be done, not my own.” Then I instantly recognize my struggles are a human struggle. I may not be able to solve all my personal problems- let alone the worlds problems- but I can shift my focus to what I’ve been called to do.

A funny thing happens every time I reach out to other people and offer to be of service; my problems seem more universal. Then I get to watch the miracle spark in someone else’s mind. They find value in the truth. In doing so I remember the calling and become grateful to be amongst the problem solvers and not wallowing in self-pity. 

We may never make huge waves that Tsunami the shores and wake up the masses but that doesn’t mean those tiny ripples in the pond aren’t helpful. We never know how much a kind word actually does for others or how much they appreciate the unseen helper. You know, the guy who picks up their neighbors trash can that was knocked over; not to boast about it but because it’s the right thing to do. 

Doing good feels good. Helping others is the cornerstone of all spiritual practice. So carry on weary travellers. Like Gandhi said… “Be the change you want to see in the world.”


    1. Yes it is. It’s funny how we can keep our thoughts from overrunning us just by watching them. Meditation is definitely necessary for my personal sanity. I tend to get a bit egocentric if left to my own devices


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