-The Triptych Grail by Anna May


Because life is messy. We have these series of attempts at cleaning up the messes because that’s our inclination. We’re little fixers.

However, while we’re trying to smear away the stains of our sins we aren’t allowing salvation to take root. There’s nothing to be forgiven for we were already forgiven before we even knew we were going to sin.

We exist in the mind of the one, true God at the center of all things and yet somehow separate. Beyond. Beyond what is anyone’s guess but what we do know; What we can be certain of is that we make messes.

Throw tantrums.

Have grimy spells that trash- no only the Temple that is body- but also the sensory world as well.

Thus is life.

The only thing that needs torn down is the notion that we exist solely for ourselves when it is our sole purpose here to love one another and to dance in awe of the mystery that is life.

We know very little. Our finite minds can compute and ascertain until we’re blue in the face but we see nothing beyond what we can comprehend. Fortunately, there isn’t anything more we need to know except that we are here together and we must cherish that opportunity.

Whatever this experience is, is it enhanced greatly through the playful interaction we have with one another.

We are meant to grow, and evolve, to move beyond our wildest dreams and yet none of that is possible unless we become willing to share with one another. We must love. Love is the universal language.

It’s what binds us all together and makes this experience meaningful.

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