Once science was free to seek out it’s own version of truth it came back with several really beautiful ideas. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity seemed to be moving towards a fully functioning mathematical model of the cosmos.Around that time Planck unearthed the Uncertainty Principle as Schrödinger emerged with the Schrödinger equation. Quantum mechanics really rocked material realism down to it’s foundation. These titans of mind were performing a type of mental gymnastics with each other most of us can barely comprehend, let alone compete in but the results were unanimous.

I jump back to Bertrand Russell:

“In the 20th Century, scientific matter looked less material and the mind less mental.”

Max Planck dropped E=hf like a bomb on the order of the day. The letter h represents the energy value of the minds observation that breaks the wave manifestation of light into a particle. Relax. I don’t actually speak Vulcan either. Dumbing it down, all that statement says is we have to power to effect our reality just by our intention when we view it. Yes. Our mind plays a part in matter through observation-

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go left field into pseudo-science and claim that our consciousness shapes our reality. I do understand that, while this does seem to happen to at least some degree, there simply isn’t enough data to make an informed decision in that regard.

-Now, if h were smaller the wave wouldn’t break making observation completely impossible. If that same value were higher, then our thoughts themselves would spring to life and drastically alter the world around us. While this would make for great science fiction I’m sure the reality would be far less pleasant.

Quantum mechanics is bound to keep generations of scientists and mathematicians busy seeking out hr secrets. Minds vastly more brilliant than my own have taught us the world- although seemingly chaotic- is so delicately balanced for all of our sakes that it almost screams of intelligent design. This perfection is known as the anthropic principle. It is with a bit of irony that I close paraphrasing Stephen Hawkins who stated:

“Everything is exactly as it’s supposed to be because if it were different we wouldn’t be here to see it.”

-The Universe In A Nutshell

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