“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.” -William W, Purkey

I’m sure it’s a common feeling that everyone experiences at one point or another but sometimes I feel like a space cadet from an alien world. Granted, I was putting square pegs in round holes for a bit longer than most of the kids but still… I can’t shake the feeling that I’m dancing with myself day in and day out.

Of course, this is the phenomenon of craving taking hold. “Hey, LOOK AT ME! Aren’t I a prolific writer?” Pad my ego. Please.

Now, if my aim is altruistic and I’m playing my part in helping others find their definition of G-D then what am I complaining about. In truth, when it comes to spiritual development the demographic is just small. Not a lot of people ponder those deep questions as it’s often a very abstract endeavor and not necessarily the driving force in their lives. So… If the point was recognition as a writer I’d be better suited writing sci-fi or murder mysteries that are but thinly veiled bodice rippers in disguise.

Yet here I am. Dancing along the roadside diving deeper and deeper into the ancient mysteries humankind has revelled in since the inception of time. Maybe it’s because I’m dancing like one of those uncoordinated guys that look so out of place in the nightclubs. You know the type, wobbly-kneed, no sense of rhythm to their hips shaking, with two fingers pointing upwards, bobbing their head without a care in the world.

Oh, we laugh but we could learn from that guy. He’s carrying on really feeling himself without a care in the world. He knows he can’t dance and yet he’s putting himself all the way out there. All of us can appreciate that care-free attitude and respect his drive; he’s having fun. Isn’t that what the nightclub is all about?

So, how about we revel in that same spirit and create as if no one will ever notice? Love like no one is watching and share ourselves, intimately, without any fear of repercussion. Could we display those jagged little pieces of our puzzles openly? Yes! Yes we can and here’s where it gets really exciting, it’s those jagged little pieces that fill in the gaps with others and really create the overall beauty in life’s biggest picture.

That’s the mystery we dance in. That’s the revelation we find most shocking on those dark nights of the soul. It’s the realization that people love us anyways, in spite of ourselves because here’s the thing.. “To err is to be human.” So, while we’re out there trying to portray this picture perfect version of ourselves we’re missing the point. Our lives are too precious to be taken seriously all the time.

So, dance without fear of embarrassment. Be you.

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