normality- the condition of being normal; the state of being usual, typical, or expected.

I think we all used to have an idea of what normal meant. Nowadays it’s harder to lock down that meaning as new norms form around us. Now it’s normal to stand six feet back and be slightly standoffish… With everyone… Not just the unsavory types. Now everyone is a potential health risk. Even our kids are having to learn to not touch EVERYTHING they see which is difficult for some kids.

If you had came to me six months ago and told me I wouldn’t be attending church on Easter Sunday I would’ve looked at you like you were out of your mind. Yet here I am typing away my blues to the unseen masses across the globe. The group text from my Sunday School buddies lets me know that everyone is alive and well but what a strange bit of fellowship that is. I never knew a bunch of elderly people had that much of an impact on my spiritual well-being but their texts actually did comfort me.

Volunteering to speak at rehabs has also fallen by the wayside compromising a vital part of the 12 stepper lifestyle. As the reports of drug use increasing come in I start dialing up every addict and alcoholic I know just to say hi. What other recourse do we have? Give it up? That’s deadly for that facet of society. We must reach out to each other.

Luckily what they say is true, necessity IS the mother of all invention. We do have the group text during the online service at church. There is a zoom meeting happening somewhere in America with a bunch of drunks discussing their sobriety. Life has moved forward albeit in a very abnormal direction.

A lot of the illusion has faded away and we are all aware of some very uncomfortable truths. Many of us can work from home. Our ‘freedom’ is conditional. Small pockets of people will selfishly grab essential items in bulk with zero disregard for the rest of us. The veil has been lifted and the all powerful Oz is but a man with a megaphone.

Now what? Go back to our desks and pretend none of it happened?

Carry on the lie like our American Dream isn’t a macabre fantasy?

No. Silly writers like myself just do better when they’re a bit overdramatic. Sprinkle in an ominous tone while you read and lighten the mood a bit. Yes. We would sell ourselves short to pretend like none of this ever happened but it isn’t nearly as bad as some of us make it out to be.

We’ve exposed a few weak points in the CDC’s response times but I’m positive they’ve accumulated a ton of data that will serve us well in the future. Corporate policy will be questioned more freely as the workforce now knows there are exceptions to the rules. Quite a few people will undoubtedly be ashamed of how they handled themselves and will really have to examine their actions. Society will be cutting through a lot of the nonsense as the smoke clears.

We definitely have a few kinks to work out but I think it’s great. Any time we break up the monotony and are forced to reexamine old ideals and social norms an inevitable change happens. Might I recommend we remain optimistic as the really painful moments usually bring the most beautiful outcomes. Just think of all those cute little lotus flowers in bloom that remind us of a deeper lesson- without struggle there is no growth. Like little lotus seeds we are deep in the muck as we speak. It’s easy to forget that this isn’t all there is as we struggle to see the light but we will resurface. We will bloom again.

So enjoy the intermission and remember there’s beauty. Life goes on.

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