What is beauty exactly? We humans tend to define beauty based on shapes, colors and forms we find aesthetically pleasing to our senses. We hone in on a particular feature we find pleasant such as almond shaped eyes or voluptuous lips and work our way down. It’s the hourglass figure of a woman that catches the eye. But what of the grace with which she walks? What of the way those almond shaped eyes light up with love? That sort of beauty emanates outward from deep within us. Sadly it’s the least appreciated by our culture in spite of the fact that’s exactly the sort of beauty that outlasts the test of time.

We have a plethora of examples that can attest to this. My parents generation was captivated by the beauty and grace with which Julia Roberts carried herself. They also watched in morbid curiosity as Mary Tyler Moore destroyed her face clinging to what she thought to be her greatest asset. My own generations Natalie Portman has a very alluring mix of natural beauty and a well educated mind to balance out the more racy vixens of the day.

The fact of the matter is we all have our own concept of what we think beauty is. What I find pleasing and beautiful may not be attractive to others at all. That’s because beauty is subjective.


Our society puts way too much emphasis on perfection. We are riddled with this twisted need to appear perfect and hide our flaws out of fear. We fear people won’t like us once they get to know the real us. We hide those parts we consider ugly and constantly play up our good qualities. It’s human nature. There’s nothing inherently wrong with putting our best foot forward. In fact, I will always encourage people to strive to be better today than they were yesterday. However, I’m also a realist which means I won’t ever encourage anyone to walk around with unrealistic expectations of how they should or shouldn’t be. Just simply be. That’s the lesson.

I think sometimes we forget that those little blemishes are actually what give us character and help us stand out. The model Twiggy had this cute little mole on her cheek the world came to know as her beauty mark. Those under the age of thirty would recognize this same trait on the actress Eva Mendes. It’s those cute little imperfections on an otherwise perfectly formed face that add character. It’s the flaws that make them stand out and take our breath away.


So often we bend to others and accept their vision for us in spite of ourselves. We allow their insecurities to shape how we carry ourselves and limit our true potential. We allow their eyes to look at us and judge us and tell us what is right or wrong with our faces, our bodies, our hearts. We hide some of our favorite parts of ourselves as a result.

Stop. Right now. You are beautiful just the way you are. Your gifts and your talents are unique to you. Believe me when I say there are people out there who will adore you for all you are and accept the flaws that come with it. Every insecurity, every fear, every blemish on your body is a part of who you are. The most attractive thing you can do for others is accept yourself and love yourself for all that splendor and imperfection. Without innocence or compromise we must let all that we are shine brightly for all to see. As we are. As we were intended to be. Complete in and of ourselves.

Love you for you and others will do the same. Stay beautiful.

“You were born an original, please don’t die a copy.”

-John Mason

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