All to often we human beings suffer from a feeling of disconnectedness and loneliness. Entire volumes have been written on depression and the effect isolation has on our psyches. Anyone who has ever battled with the darker episodes of life has struggled to maintain a feeling of adequacy. It’s easy to feel like we don’t matter when nothing seems to be working out in our favor. Once we fall in line with this pattern of thinking it’s easy to let fear and doubt creep in and lie to us.

The fact of the matter is all of us are unique and special in our own way. I’d say each of you is one in a million but that would mean there are 7,800 people on earth that are just like you. Obviously, that would be a lie. This little fun fact is also one of the reasons why we enjoy the company of others so much. It’s discovering those cute little idiosyncrasies and differences that fascinates us. We love to peal back the layers of others and learn them. But how do we turn this desire into a tool to combat loneliness?

One of the core principles of spiritual practice is the notion of helping others. Every spiritual teacher has urged us to love others or consider them as we consider ourselves. The why behind this is simple. If we get out of our own heads and assist others two things will undoubtedly happen:

01) We’ll come to see that our own problems aren’t all that bad.

02) We are not alone in our plight. Suffering is universal.

As outlandish as it seems the paradox rings true no matter the spiritual path you walk. By helping others and doing good to others all of our needs are actually met. Christ referred to it as the golden rule while the Dalai Llama calls it being wisely selfish.

It’s easy for us to forget how much we need people as we scurry around in our busy lives. We prop up our own independence and forget how much we depend on one another. Don’t believe me? The next time you sit down at a restaurant I want you to ask yourself how many people it took just to provide your plate. Look beyond the really obvious ones like the waitress and line cooks. Think of the factory worker on the assembly line who does quality control on the plate itself. The truck drivers who transport all the different ingredients from various farms and ranches. The Chinese who manufacture the plastic the spices from South America are shipped in. The customs agents and the ship captains, the dock workers. The people. Just. Like. You. Still feel disconnected?


Beyond the fact that we are very much in need of each other lies an even more profound truth we hardly ever stop and appreciate. We all share life together. The miracle of existence permeates all cultural bounds and transcends any arbitrary borders our leaders may construct. Whether you choose to call it Energy, Nature, Collective Conscious, God, the Divine, or Chi one thing is for certain; there is a life force that permeates all living things and nothing you could ever do can disconnect you from that. So long as there is life in your lungs the God of your understanding is right there with you.

Some of us have bought a bit of goods from a self-sabotaging salesman who tries to convince us that we are not worthy of Divine Love. We buy into this notion that salvation is up for sale, but only to those who are worthy. Nothing could be further from the truth. God’s love cannot be purchased and is available to us all. Love is free. Love is free. Love is free.

One of my favorite spiritual practices involves going into nature and meditating. I feel grounded the second I settle to the earth and start breathing in deeply. Getting lost into the sounds of wind and leaves rustling whilst the birds chirp makes me feel so connected to God, like I’m genuinely a part of this Cosmic Oneness. Just knowing that center I’m tapping into isn’t my center, but your center; our center reminds me of how precious life really is.

It’s kind of impossible to feel disconnected from God when this sort of profound truth is dancing through the very fiber of your being. My challenge to you isn’t to simply accept my words as the truth. No that wouldn’t help. Rather, I would have you awaken to the Divine presence within all on your own. This isn’t limited to experiencing nature or quiet moments spent in pious reflection. We can lose ourselves in the noise of Times Square once we’ve awakened to it.

So please, go out there and find your peace with existence. Dance in the mystery and I guarantee you God will dance with you. Please feel free to share this with anyone who may find value in these words. I thank you so much for being on this journey with me. Peace be with you.

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