I owe a great deal of the concepts and terminology I’m about to use to the team that put together ‘What The Bleep Do We Know” and Dr. Amit Gaswami for his book ‘The Self-Aware Universe.’ Anyone with a desire to further their understanding of the world of quantum mechanics would do well to pick up those two titles. They are beautifully written works worthy of close study.


Sometimes it’s best to just jump into the deep end of the pool and learn and swim. Max Planck came up with the mathematical formula E=hf. The most important value for our discussion is the h of this equation. This letter represents the energy value of the mind observation that breaks the wave manifestation of light into a particle.Don’t worry, I can’t actually speak Vulcan either. All that really means is we have the power to affect our reality just by looking at it. If the h were smaller the wave wouldn’t break making observation impossible. If the same value were higher our thoughts would spawn to life and drastically alter reality.

What quantum mechanics has taught us is that our entire universe is so delicately balanced for our sake that it almost screams intelligent design. This perfection is known as the anthropic principle. Paraphrasing Stephen Hawkins, “everything in the universe is exactly as it is because if it were any different we wouldn’t be here to see it.”


The way our human brains function is literally underpinned by quantum theory. Quantum uncertainty- the principle that such complimentary qualities as momentum and position of a quantum object cannot be measured at the same time with accuracy- makes the list. We have yet to discover how thoughts form into the reality we see but this does seem to happen at least to some degree. We just can’t measure it with any accuracy yet. I’m reaching a bit but bare with me here. As we scale down from the cortex to the folding of proteins our brain functions as a parallel processor. Proteins synthesize into our emotions, our concepts of the world and even our memories. Essentially, our attitudes themselves are encoded neurologically, but how?

Dr. Stuart Hameroff describes how proteins fold inside the microtubule as being mathematically identical to how thoughts form or how we solve problems. He describes this nested Chinese box arrangement of mathematical precision duplicating itself upwards from the microtube all the way up through the central nervous system. It’s through this neighbor to neighbor interaction that our sense of self emerges from.

Our entire identity can be described with physics just as easily as it can be with religion. This is where the philosophies of our power of observers in a quantum modality have emerged from. It’s not that our brains are quantum entities it’s that they function based on quantum effects from the planck scale upwards.


This is the part of the brain that allows us to focus our attention and concentrate. People who practice mindfullness meditation tend to have a highly developed frontal lobe. While the frontal lobes draw in four hundred billion bits of information per second they also draw from our memories to make decisions on how we process what we take in. Much of our behavior is actually automated. We tend to react without really thinking. Consider all the various forms of how we respond in ways that are harmful without as much as a second thought. From stress-eating to depresssed-drinking we react to stimulation like pre-programmed machines. This is absolutely the result of us failing to use our powers of concentration to analyze what we think and feel. What if we break up the old patterns of thinking? What if we pause and take a moment to think before we react? Could we form new patterns of thinking? I think so.

Often times, we forget our power. We forget we are conscious observers that effect what we see in the world. Perhaps addictions goes beyond drugs and alcohol. We can liken dopamine spikes we get from the craving/reward cycle to old patterns of thinking. If we’re emotional dope fiends then our frontal lobes offer us freedom by giving us the ability to catch ourselves in the moment and figure out what result or feeling we’re looking for.


We are consciousness manifested in flesh and bone. We have the freedom to interact with the physical world around us with a certain level of creativity. Our freedom of choice gives us immediate responsibility. Various mystics have tried to explain this to us through concepts like kharma or the golden rule. However, for the sake of physics, lets throw a bit of Isaac Newton into the mix: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

It’s funny because we human beings naively try memorizing codes of ethics that will pave the way to enlightenment without accepting how our free choice factors in. While it would be nice to avoid responsibility, life just isn’t that simple. By being given freedom in this quantum modality we are also being given consequences for our actions. I mean, give me the stress. Please. Life would be incredibly boring if it were literally run on a pre-planned course. All of those really painful mistakes that bang us up along the way are the truly defining pieces. Without struggle there is no growth. Teachable moments help shape us and show us how to treat each other with kindness and love. Whether we want to learn or not, life has a funny way of correcting us. Why deprive ourselves of that? Why not just enjoy the process?


Understanding how thought patterns form also shows us how to break them. Awareness gives us opportunity to break up the habit of reacting. By pausing and making a new decision we are choosing freedom. Why stop there? Why not take advantage of the opportunity and rewire the way we think?

Visualize unplugging neuronets to old habits you’re tired of giving your power over to. Rewire you mind and form all new neuronets and build healthier habits. I personally visualize a mountaintop with a temple in the center of my mind. I can see storm clouds ripe with lightning where the dark energy resides and i essentially clear it out. I only share this to emphasize there are many different ways one can visualize this action step. This is a personal thing where intention is more important that the method itself.

Thank you so much for your time. Please feel free to share this content with anyone who may benefit from it and remember:

“It’s not what you look at that matter, it’s what yo see.”

-Henry David Thoreau

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